the most common form of shortness with disproportionally short limbs because the cartilidge has difficulty forming to bone.

Causes: Hormone imbalances, and metabolic problems.
-mutations in the FGFR3 gene ( when the G is replaced with an A)
- Mutations in the FGFR3 gene are inherited in an autosomal dominant manner.
-only one parent has to have this in order to pass it on.

Signs & Symptoms
  • short stature
  • short arms
  • short legs
  • enlarged head
  • bowed legs
  • decreased muscle tone
Adults with the condition will develop sway of lower back. Doctors think it may be associated with health problems. These problems may include-
  • breathing disorders
  • obesity
  • re-occuring ear infections

  • Achondroplasia cannot actually be treated to get rid of but there are ways to help people deal with it in their lives
  • social and family support
  • regular check-ups with healthcare provider
  • somatrophin (human growth hormone) to treat short stature; is most beneficial to begin at 1-6 years of age
  • most orthopedic problems such as, craniocervical stenosis, thoracolumbar kyphosis, or spinal stenosis are all related to the spine and can be sergically controlled, though they cannot be fully corrected
  • nutritional counseling

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