Down Syndrome

What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a disease where you have an extra chromosome 21.
Down syndrome can caus facial deformations which are more prominant, and can cause many other deformations which are less prominant.

How to get Down syndrome?

Down syndrome can not be contracted after birth, the only way to get this disease is when you are a sperm, the 21 chromosome fails to split before entering the egg causing down syndrome.

This is an example of the extra 21 chromisome that causes the disease.
This is an example of the extra 21 chromisome that causes the disease.

How do you diagnose Down syndrome?

Down syndrome patients are usually diagnosed at birth, when the symptoms of the syndromes are noted, such as:
  • Flat appearing face
  • Small head
  • Flat bridge of the nose
  • Smaller than normal, low-set nose
  • Small mouth, which causes the tongue to stick out and to appear overly large
  • Upward slanting eyes
  • Epicanthal folds
  • Rounded cheeks
  • Small, misshapen ears
  • Small, wide hands
  • Simian crease
  • A malformed fifth finger
  • A wide space between the big and second toes
  • Unusual creases on soles of feet
  • Double-jointed
  • Shorter than normal height url-2.jpg

This video explains exactly what happens during conception that causes down syndrome.

  • Interesting facts about down syndrome:

Down syndrome is the only kind of inherited trisomy that you can still live after getting it. The have been only two other kinds of trisomys' that a child can be born with and still survive. These are trisomys 13 and 18, and although you can be born and live with these the odds of living past age 1 is 5%.
In around 90% of cases of down syndrome the extra chromosome 21 comes from the mothers egg and not the fathers sperm.
Down syndrome although only around 5,500 babies are born with it each year in the United States as of 2011, is the most common kind of chromosomal disorder in birth which is why it is such a big problem.



Whether you suffer from down syndrome and are looking for support, or you want to donate to help support those that have it the link below will take you to sites of support organizations and charities to help.



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