Turner's SyndromeBy Sophie & Alexia
What is it? Turner's Syndrome is a chromosomal condition that describes girls and women with partial or complete absence of the second sex chromosome, making the female be born with 45 chromosomes instead of 46.
How is it diagnosed?Turner's Syndrome is diagnosed using a karyotype, or a picture of paired chromosomes. The diagnosis is usually made at birth or around the time of puberty.

Karyotype of a female with Turner's Syndrome


- Short Stature: Having a short stature is the most noticable feature of a Turner's Syndrome patient. The average height of a woman with TS is 4'8", early childhood is when the growth failure begins to become more obvious, falling below the average height of young girls.

-Premature Ovarian Failure: The majority of TS individuals have early ovarian failure. Because the ovaries make hormones necessary for breast development, menstruation, and propor bone development, estrogen replacement therapy is needed.

-Intelligence: TS patients have an average intelligence, more specifically, America's average intelligance. The difference between America and TS patients are their learning ability. TS patients have spatial-temparol processing difficulty, non-verbal memory and attention. Problems with math, sense of direction, social skills and dexterity are issues that come with Turner's Syndrome.
Swelling of feet from TS

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Turner's Syndrome
Youtube TS video

Help for TS patients

There is no cure for any symptoms of Turner's Syndrome, however, there is improvement for symptoms. For example, women or girls with TS take estrogen, a female hormone necessary for breast development, to improve breast development.


-Named After Henry Turner
-The capital S in syndrome does not need to be capitalized because Henry Turner does not own "syndrome" only "Turner" therefore it should be Turner syndrome not Turner Syndrome.


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